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How it all began...

WellExpo started life as a walk in event in January 2020, to hightlight the various complimentary services and therapies available in the North West of Ireland that can help with Mental Health & Wellness issues. 

When Covid19 struck a few weeks later, it was obvious, that more than ever people regardless of their location, needed to be able to find out more from the experts in one place, and so the WellExpo Webcast series was born.

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What People Are Saying

Just some of the feedback received from our survey*

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"I'm loving for the whole month of June every Thursday that your talking about menopause, I'd really like to hear more about this
"I don't always have the time to listen to the interviews in full but what I am capturing is that there's something there for everyone"
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"I love that it's so concise and to the point, and I really look forward to it. Well done."
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